Thursday, August 15, 2019

Cook island week!

In Term 3 Week 3 it was Cook island week! on cook island week we did activities that are related to cook island culture. the first activity we had to read about ina and the shark and we had put the facts onto the sheet we where it said to summarise the story in your own. the second sheet we had to put facts like whats the currency called in cook island and whats the largest town and I put the capital city which is Avarua District. The last activity was another sheet-like the first sheet but you didn't need to read another sheet. I hope next week is going to be Exciting

Thursday, August 8, 2019


In Term 3 Week 2 We did some activities about Digital technology, Cartooning and Yoga
and its called Pumanawa. We had to pick 5 choices and you had to choose 3 of them your first choice is the one you really want. The second choice is you second favourite if you didn't go in number 1 and finally your 3 which is your 3rd favourite out of the 5 choices.
I picked Digital Technology in Digital Technology we made stop motion videos. We had to go in groups of 3 or 2 and i went with Justin and Dean. Our First stop motion was batman walking op to a door and he kicks it open and the door breaks and the door flew of and squished somebody.Image result for lego stop motion

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Ocean Posters

In Term 3 Week 2 we created ocean posters. There are 5 oceans which are the Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean, Indian ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Ocean. I did my poster about the Arctic.
We had to put the name, the size, the deepest point, where it is, and all the animals that live in the ocean.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

maori art

In term 2 week 9 we drew moari pictures from a famous author Peter Gossage. I did the sun by peter gossage it was a little bit hard cause had to put lots of detail on it also we dyed the backround of the paper.

Country research

in term 2 week 5 we researched about other country's. i researched about the phillipines i first had to put the facts about the phillipines like i had to put the name of the currency and the name of the president and more.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Book week

In term 2 week 7 it was book week we dressed up into a charcter from a book. i dressed up as ash ffrom pokemon and my cousin dressed up as a shadow lots of people dressed as themselfs for book week because they were in  the year book.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Egg sitting

Term 2 week 9 we egg sit eggs we had to do it for a week. my egg name was little bud i created a house with bubble wrap so then it wont brake. In the first day 3 people cracked their egg
on friday we all destoryed our eggs...